Fee Policy

The purpose of this document is to outline North Kerry College's policy on the payment and refund of fees for full time courses. North Kerry College wish to have a fair and equitable system in place for the collection and refunding of fees.

Categories of Fees

There is no tuition fees payable by EU Nationals. However, applicants are required to pay:

  • Application Fee
  • A student registration charge,
  • PLC government levy and exam fees.

In addition, students are required to pay materials fees which will cover the cost of essential materials, workshops, guest speakers etc if applicable, that may be needed for certain courses.

Non EU nationals who do not meet the exemption requirements are required to pay an additional tuition fee, determined by the Department of Education and Skills, in addition to other fees.

Payment Methods

Payment of Application fee and Registration fee is on line via the college website www.northkerrycollege.ie. Further payments can be paid by cash in the college.

Payments by Third Parties

In this case, the third party organisation (e.g. Social Welfare) must pay fees for the applicant before s/he can be registered on the course.

Fee Schedule/ Stage Payment

Fee Type Due Date

  • Application Fee - On Application
  • Registration Fee - On Registration
  • Students Materials Fee - 30th September
  • PLC Government Levy - 30th September
  • Exam Fees 30th January of their academic Year

Fee in relation to NON-EU nationals

SCFE welcomes applications from international learners. Non-EA applicants (from outside the EU, Iceland, Norway and Switzerland) are required to comply with Irish immigration requirements, and are required to pay the economic cost of the course, as determined by the Department of Education & Skills, in addition to North Kerry College course charges.

For further information see www.education.ie and www.garda.ie

Refunds Policy

The Application Fee and Registration fee is non-refundable. The government levy is only refundable before 30th October of their current academic year. The student materials fee and is refundable in the following sliding scale:

Student Materials Fee Refund

  • Within 2 weeks of course Commencement 90%*
  • Within 4 weeks of course Commencement 50%*
  • Within 7 weeks of course Commencement 25%*
  • From November 1st 0% *(* of materials and service fee).


The following exemptions apply:

Category Medical Card PLC BTEA VTOS
PLC Government Levy * * * *
QQI Exam Fees * *    
Non QQI        
Exam Fees        
Materials Fee        

Exemptions will be applied when applicants provide appropriate documentary evidence of their exempt status. Exemption from the PLC Government Levy will only be applied to applicants who produce a current medical card at course commencement or no later than 30th October

Exemption from QQI exam fees will be applied to those who provide a current medical card at day of registration or before 30th October of their current academic year. Exemptions based on maintenance grants must be requested within 30 days of the date of confirmation of grant approval.

Claiming Refund

An applicant wishing to request a refund must complete a student refund request form, whether it is for materials, government levy or otherwise and must sign it, and return it to their Programme Coordinator with proof of fee payment. Refunds for payments made by cheque will be processed on request subject to confirmation that the cheque has cleared. Payments made by third parties will be refunded to the third party. The onus is on the student to produce evidence that s/he is entitled to a refund as outlined in the table below:

Please note all refunds are paid into the Learner’s bank Account by Kerry ETB.

Fee Evidence Required
PLC Government Levy (Only before 30th Oct of current academic year ) Copy of medical card
Copy of grant approval letter
Copy of letter confirming Back to Education Allowance (BETA).
Copy of letter confirming acceptance on VTOS.
QQI Certification Fee Copy of medical card.
Materials Fee Copy of receipt.
Copy of material refund request form.

Please note that failure to pay all College Fees will result in the student’s college user accounts being frozen, disabling access to the IT facilities. If full payment of all fees is not received by 30th January students will not be entered for certification purposes. Any course assessments that have been completed and/or submitted for correction will be returned to the student if full payment of all fees has not been received. Students will not sit examinations at the College until full payment is received.

The College reserves the right to disallow students sit examinations if fees have not being paid in full.

The College charges an online application fee of €10 (non-refundable) as well as a registration fee of €135 (non-refundable) may also apply, please see brochure for each course fees. Additional fees will apply for course materials.(See each course individually for stated fee.)

QQI Exam Fees of €50 per course (Level 5) or €80 (Level 6) will apply (may change). Medical card holders and social welfare are exempt from this fee.

First Aid: Any student taking First Aid as a module in any of the courses will be required to pay an exam fee .


Student Services

North Kerry College of Further Education has a number of services available to students